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Quality and purity? Guaranteed and certified!

ALBERT believes deeply in the safety of its products, so much so that it was the first company in the industry to obtain UNI EN ISO 9001 quality certification. That was in 1996, and Albert’s certificate was the 17th in the food sector in all of Italy!

This milestone was the result of years of research, improved processing techniques and methodologies and scrupulous selection of raw materials.

ALBERT’s Quality System guarantees the safety and consistency of its production of semi-finished products and helps you create exceptional ice cream.


BVQI is the top and most important quality certification body in the world. It performs regular audits to ensure that its rigorous standards are respected, not hesitating to withdraw certification in the event of non-compliance. The ISO 9001 quality system documents all business processes, starting from product design to production and after-sales assistance.


ALBERT has strict supply procedures for all materials. It assesses its suppliers annually and approves them only if their performance complies with specifications. ALBERT uses only raw materials that pass the strict controls of the entire production chain, from production to transformation, through specific parameters for each one.



In addition to being UNI EN ISO 9001 certified, ALBERT obtained BIOS certification for the production of organic products in 2014. Organic production means working in full respect of the agricultural ecosystem, preserving its natural rhythms and limiting or eliminating the use of synthetic products and GMOs.


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