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Ice cream makers know they can count on Albert

Ever since 1981, ALBERT has distinguished itself for its dedication to producing clean label ingredients for ice cream: TUTTAFRUTTA, 100% fruit purée, NOT FROZEN; BALANCED BASES IN POWDER, LIQUID HOMOGENISED BASES for ice cream packaged aseptically and ready for mixing; CLASSIC PASTES.


On every line, ALBERT uses the latest equipment with state-of-the-art technology unique in the sector.


ALBERT is the reliable partner for any artisan who wants to improve the quality of his products and the efficiency of his shop.


In 1992, ALBERT was the first in the sector to adopt the ISO 9001 certified Quality system for every phase of the production process, from design to after-sales, to guarantee ultimate safety, consistency and the best result for each product.


The list below reports our recommended products for Ice cream shops: