Albert srl

A pact with nature, an assurance in all the ingredients for ice cream shops

“Our every thought, all our knowledge and our every action aim to provide consumers the finest fruits of the land in containers that guarantee purity and practicality.”
Mario Libralato, founder


A pact with nature



ALBERT has made a pact with nature, respecting the course of nature and has transferred its behaviours in all of its relationships: nature is simple, transparent, responsible and honest.


ALBERT offers only what it produces.


ALBERT is transparent, provides correct and fair information and believes in clean labels.


ALBERT is responsible for its role as partner with CUSTOMERS. It creates lasting and profitable relationships based on mutual respect. It listens to its customers’ needs and helps them to improve the goodness of ice cream and to simplify manufacturing processes.


ALBERT believes that long-lasting corporate success depends on satisfying all its stakeholders, not just investors.


ALBERT carefully selects its suppliers and maintains respectful and honest relationships with them, while demanding seriousness, constancy and punctuality in return.


ALBERT helps each person working for it to be the best they can be. It respects and appreciates their skills and offers them a friendly and stimulating work environment. Corporate choices are evaluated, shared and pursued with the contribution of all, so everyone works with enthusiasm to carry them out.



ALBERT respects the environment; it uses energies produced by solar plants
ALBERT invests in technologies that minimise atmospheric emissions
ALBERT treats its wastewater to respect the delicate hydro-geological balance of the Venetian lagoon.

ALBERT limits the use of paper for printing, avoids using plastic in offices and adopts a proper waste disposal system.