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A team of specialists skilled in advising each ice cream customer

ALBERT’s history goes hand in hand with the history of trained and passionate men and women who are experts in the world of ice cream and are united by a desire to improve continually the quality and goodness of artisanal ice cream.


ALBERT has invested in production and packaging technologies unique in the world that allow us to work with ice cream makers and help them create personalised recipes, reducing costs and consumption. But ALBERT remains a family company, where employees are people and not numbers. Every employee is given the opportunity to grow, to assume responsibility and prove their value. No person alone is as good as a team working together to comply with the "Pact with nature". And ALBERT specialists continue to update their knowledge and take training courses on all topics covered by the quality system, food hygiene, belonging to the company and its corporate mission, in order to be ever more faithful to their mission.


A word from our team:

"The customers who call even just to say they’re satisfied with our work, delivery on time even when the order was last minute, customers who come to trade shows who realise that we're not a company but a group of people who work with passion. All this, together with my colleagues’ confidence in what I do, give me enormous satisfaction." Marta, Sales Office.


"Despite disagreements on choices, this company has demonstrated its ability to work as a team, to help those who had to grow on the job. I wish Albert long life animated by the desire to grow in satisfying our customers and respecting the pact with nature begun over 30 years ago." Lara, Administration.


“A vivid memory in my mind is the visit we did at a German customer's going to open a new shop. It was an unforgettable experience, I realized it was such a kind of customer that I had never thought before, whose potential was very high, His shop, located inside a shopping mall, covered an area of 850 sqm. I spent 3 unforgettable days, both from the professional and human point of view". Damiano, Production Manager. 


“In all the tasks I was entrusted with, I found full confidence towards me; After many years in ALBERT I can say to have found a very satisfying job". Marco, Fruit Production Supervisor


"As the Quality Manager, I have seen the company grow and transform from a small local company to a global enterprise that’s strong and always ready to respond to new challenges. This is all thanks to the people and to the owners’ innovative ideas.” Barbara, Quality Office.


“I grew up in this Company finding seriousness and certainty, even financial one. I met efficient people with whom discuss and share different experiences. Celebrating with the awareness that the future is even open up to new projects and challanges, makes me really excited to be here and provide my best contribution". Sandro, Sales Executive


"When meeting with customers, I realised how the ALBERT brand is associated with quality, trust and a passion for good things. A company’s success lies in its people. At ALBERT, everyone participates by providing their skills and experiences. I am proud to be part of this group." Elena, R&D.


“Anyone of us has always tried to bring in the Company his/her personal experience, I realized that comparing different situations can be a model to build a new, more efficient working method, to apply with perseverance. Our meeting have become a melting pot where sharing ideas and motivation, in which everyone tries to find the best solutions to reach the goals set. I find them very important both for working and for a good cohesiveness among collegues". Damiano, Production Manager 

 ENRICO LIBRALATO CEO , Managing Director
 ENRICO GRAMPASSI General manager
 DAMIANO MASO Production Manager
 SANDRO BUSOLIN Sales Executive
 LARA ZORZETTO Account Department Manager
 MARTA MARCHIORI Logistic Manager
 BARBARA SIMION Purchase Department Manager
 ELEONORA DE MARCHI Sales Department Manager
 CHIARA BELLIA Logistic Department
 ROBERTA POMIATO Balanced Bases Production Supervisor
 MARCO TREVISAN Fruit Production Supervisor
 MOHAMED ROFI Pastes Production Supervisor
 KHALID ROFI Balanced Bases Production Assistant
 LILIAN TUCAN Homogenized Liquid Mixes Production Supervisor
 ANTONELLO MASO Warehouse Supervisor
 EUGENIO URSU Pastes Production Assistant